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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Online Book Release Parties

The great thing about Amazon's unchecked growth is the open door it creates for authors who cannot seem to lock down the precious shelf space of bookstores. And now more people than ever are shopping online, especially for books. 

Typically, book release and promotion parties are done at an offline site such as a library or bookstore, even the home of a friend of the author. Now, more authors are doing online launch parties with purchase links set up all over the place (friends' blogs, websites and Twitter accounts). No need to tell you what this does to Google rankings for you and your own sites. That's why online launches shouldn't be overlooked by an author who wants to sell a lot of books.

Remember, a successful release party needs to be planned at least a month ahead of time. It needs to have book info, ordering links, giveaways and fun times for those who choose to stop by any of the sites hosting you during your day to three day book release fest. SMM specializes in creating successful online release parties for busy authors. For more information about what we provide, email us at


Andrea said...

Great blog.

Debbie Todd said...

Fantastic idea. I will keep this in mind.

Kristie Cook said...

I had a great online release party. You'll find bloggers who review books excited to get involved and help however they can. They're already helping me plan the next one. LOL

Love this new site. Good luck with the business. Now I'm off to share with my FB friends. :)