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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Tie-In, a Key to Book Visibility

One of the major keys to selling books is making sure your book remains visible. Some people will see it, plan to purchase it, get busy with life and forget about it. The way to combat that and ensure each interested party becomes a purchaser is to keep your book at the forefront. How? Great question.

Authors and book marketers must master the all important aspect of visibility called tie-in. If your book is about parenting, then every time a story hits about parenting (good or bad), link your book to that story. Internet users usually have what I call the chain link syndrome. They see one thing interesting and while reading it, they begin to look for other things that tie in with it. Make sure your book is right there to be found. Blog about it. Add references to your website. Ask popular blog hosts to consider your book. If you get a no the first time, ask again. 

Another aspect of visibility is public appearances. Book signings aren't the only form of publicity available. You have to be creative. This is a saturate market that is constantly undergoing change thanks to the rate technology continues to improve. If you need help with your marketing, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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